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Invisible Kid

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Dear LJ [Apr. 30th, 2014|11:53 pm]
Invisible Kid
I hate you.
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Dear LiveJournal [Apr. 30th, 2014|11:51 pm]
Invisible Kid
Stop prompting me about idle journals. Just leave them be.
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Intro [Jun. 13th, 2006|12:30 pm]
Invisible Kid

His mind analyzes a hundred scenarios that could've allowed he and his teammates to avoid this predicament. I should've trusted Brainy to be able to handle himself, but with the temporal storms..

Only a few relative hours before, he'd led a small team of Legionnaires, in a misappropriated time bubble, back through the centuries in an attempt to reach their errant comrade, Brainiac 5. Time went wild around us. It was more than just the storm - there's a design at work. Order amidst the chaos.

He'd found himself in a .. time-tangle, for lack of a better term. A knot in the fabric of the continuum. Along with the rest of his team - and a few others. I can't even remember clearly who was originally in the bubble with me - this place is playing tricks on my own recollections.

He looks outward, through the tinted-glass looking lattice that encases them all. There's M'onel. There's Ferro. Val. Vi. Grife, the entire Legion's here. It's as if all possible permutations of the expedition are trapped here. Multiple timelines, all collapsed.

"Nobody else seems to be dealing well with the odd warping effect here, and I'm having trouble focusing, myself." The sound of his own voice serves to steady him somewhat. "Not a lot of resources at hand.." His eyes roam again, and he blinks as he sees something.

"Did Luornu just..?"

Triad, or one of her three component selves, had indeed just vanished before his eyes.

"It might be Brainy with a rescue attempt.. locking onto the signal of our flight rings across the time barrier. He'd spot Luornu first because her ring is effectively at triple strength, signal-wise." He smiles, excitement at the possibility of escape building. "C'mon, Brainy - get the other two. Let me know I'm right."

The other two-thirds of Triad vanish from view quite suddenly.

"Yes!" Immediately, he slips the flight ring from his hand, and take a small tool from his belt. "Time to boost the signal strength on this. If he can find me, I might be able to help him rescue the others.."
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