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Invisible Kid
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Lyle Norg, the astounding Invisible Kid, of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Quite possibly the most brilliant human mind of the 30th century - invented an invisibility serum that activated his metagene, as well as the Legion Flight Rings.

The fabric of reality seemed to be shaking itself apart - Lyle took it upon himself to gather a small team of Legionnaires to pilot one of the time bubbles. The object of their quest was the other time bubble - currently in the possession of Brainiac-5, their comrade, who was visiting the past.

It was a mistake, but a fortunate one. The temporal storms nearly destroyed the second bubble, but the Legionnaires were 'rescued' - imprisoned in a transtemporal limbo by persons unknown. Fortunately, Brainy was safe and sound in the early 21st century, and was able to make contact with the imprisoned Legionnaires..

Thus far, only Lyle and Triad have been freed. The displaced Legionnaires have discovered that their original future has been wiped away by the reality shifts - leaving them with no home to return to. For now, they reside in temporary quarters at Titans Tower.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invisibility - Lyle has the capability to generate a light-distortion field, rendering himself invisible. With effort, he can extend the field to nearby allies for a short time.
  • Intellect - Lyle Norg may be the smartest human being ever born, as of the 31st century. He was able to hold his own in a scientific rivalry with the smartest Coluan ever born, Brainiac Five. Glimpses of the DCU future reveal Lyle will be remembered as one of the greatest of Earth's scientists in history.
  • Flight - Lyle's Flight Ring endows him with the capability of flight, and serves as a communication device.
  • Martial Arts and Espionage Training - In addition to his Legion combat training, Lyle had previously served in Earth's intelligence community (at a remarkably young age) and retains skills relating to espionage and hand-to-hand combat.

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